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Floral fun: Easy tricks for flower arranging

Nov 02, 2023

Whether you're an aspiring home florist or just looking for a go-to way to arrange supermarket flowers, these fundamental principles of floral design, coupled with expert tips and tricks, will help you transform your everyday blooms into a truly lovely display.

Learn about the ideal vase for every type of floral arrangement, and the rules of creating small, medium, and large displays. Whip up a naturally fragrant bouquet for your bathroom, and explore how to forage for and assemble a simple bouquet using garden flowers that are in season.

It's all about letting your creativity run wild. Don't stress about having the "right" flowers or vases — perfection isn't necessary, and surprises can be delightful. Remember, once you've got the basics down, you're free to mix it up.

The ideal vase for every type of floral arrangement

How to make a small, medium and large arrangement

How to whip up an aromatic shower bouquet

How to make your own beautiful bridal bouquet from foraged florals

Make this incredible of-the-moment floral arrangement — it's actually simple

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