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How To Use Fake Flowers To Create Inexpensive Wall Art

Nov 05, 2023

Decorating our homes can sometimes be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor, but interior design doesn't have to be overly complicated or pricey to transform the look of your spaces. Fake flowers are just one budget-friendly accessory that has never-ending potential to liven up the home, especially when it comes to wall art. What we hang on our walls adds the finishing touch to any room and can blend seamlessly with elements like our paint colors, lighting, hardware, and curtains. Artificial flowers always look fresh and are a one-time buy.

With just a skip over to the nearest craft store, you'll find an array of various faux flowers, funky vases, paints, and DIY wood cutouts. Using the printer, hot glue gun, and other household tools you already own, multiple projects of creating inexpensive wall art await, from printed and customized photos to handmade ornamental sconce lighting.

A printer isn't only convenient for office documents and faxes. It can also be used to create unique and custom flower prints to hang around your home. Head out and thrift some one-of-a-kind frames, or shop endless budget-friendly options online on websites like Amazon or in-store at places like Home Goods and T.J. Maxx. Besides some frames and your printer, you'll only need to gather an arrangement of artificial flowers you'll love.

Using the scanning feature on your printer, it's as simple as placing the flowers onto the printer, scanning them, and printing off the floral designs to frame and place around the home. You can do one design for the living room and another for the bathroom or create a correlating series of photos that would look perfect in the nursery or hallway. If you have a picture of a bouquet received on a birthday, anniversary, or another special event that's held dear to your heart, try recreating it and hanging those prints as a treasured reminder. Even if you don't have a printer, the concept still stands, and you can take photos of different designs to have printed and hung, and you could take it a step further to turn them into canvases. Leftover flowers can be used for other DIYs, like hot gluing them around a mirror or turning them into sconce lights.

Sconces are a trendy and space-saving lighting design to incorporate into your décor. They look wonderful next to the bed, hanging alongside doorways, or above a desk, and you can create yours right at home with some fake flowers and affordable supplies from the craft store. Decide how many sconces you want to make, and for each one, gather a vase, your flowers, rope or ribbon, and wooden boards. If a rustic theme is your aesthetic, then the raw wood will be perfect, but if you prefer some color, pick up paint or stain along the way. Begin the DIY by drilling four small holes into each board, two in each corner at the top and two in the center, one to two inches apart.

Cut your rope to the desired length and slip it through the holes, tying them and creating a hanger piece. Next, use more twine or ribbon to tie the neck of your vase to the board, putting the thread through the openings and knotting or gluing the ends behind the panel. You can also use hooks or knobs to hang the vase on the board instead of slipping the rope through drill holes. Add the flowers and fairy lights to each vase and hang them on the wall, creating your own sconce lights. Further customization is always open, with the ability to constantly change out the florals, add different words or designs, and even some hardware if desired. The possibilities truly are endless.