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Merge Mansion mosaic guide

Jul 27, 2023

Tilly Lawton

Published: Aug 5, 2023

Merge Mansion is a fun merging puzzle game, full of intriguing secrets, gorgeous art, and so many questions. Well, we may not have the answer to all those questions, but we’re here to address the last one today. In our Merge Mansion mosaic guide, we take a look at how to make mosaic pieces, what levels they come in, how to get Merge Mansion shrapnel, and what you need mosaic pieces for. With our help, you’ll be a mosaic merging pro in no time.

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In order to create mosaic pieces, you first need to learn how to get shrapnel in Merge Mansion. You get Merge Mansion shrapnel when (after six hours) you break a vase (I). This also causes a pouch part to fall out. Alternatively, you get Merge Mansion shrapnel by breaking a ship in a bottle.

After this, you can merge the shrapnel to make mosaic (I). Here are all the stages of Merge Mansion mosaic.

Merge Mansion mosaic pieces are required to fix the pavement and craft a vase in The Old Well, the 16th area to become available in the game. You unlock the Old Well after you reach level 15 and patch up the wall cavity in the garage, and its entrance is independent of the Plaza, which only opens up after you reach level 33. You need the following pieces of mosaic to complete the quests in the Old Well.

You may also need mosaic (III) pieces to complete daily tasks in order to obtain the Peony Flower box, the Orange Flower Box, or the Bench Box.

That’s everything you need to know about Merge Mansion mosaic. If you’re on the hunt for more chill vibes, check out our list of the best idle games to find something new to play today.

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