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This Bronze Floor Lamp Sets the Mighty Ginkgo Aglow

Jul 06, 2023

This sculptural ginkgo fixture would shine within an edgy scheme, according to designer Christina Kim.

One of the oldest living trees on earth, the mighty ginkgo shines with resilience. The grooved, fan-shaped leaves of this species have graced landscapes for over 200 million years. While fossils have preserved their ancient natural beauty, our present-day design industry is also celebrating their longevity in luminous new forms. Take Rosie Li’s Ginkgo Floor Lamp, which New Jersey-based designer Christina Kim is calling a masterful instant heirloom. “The ginkgo leaves look like they were frozen in time—in oil-rubbed bronze,” says Kim. Here, why the designer believes Rosie Li’s sculptural piece is a showstopper.

“The leaves are so delicately detailed, but ginkgo trees are a symbol of longevity. That juxtaposition of fragility and endurance makes it special. The blackened quality of the finish also has such great depth,” says Kim.

“The silhouette of this lamp makes me think of curvy Art Nouveau florals. That unapologetically feminine form (without being too sweet) will always have a place in design. There is also something calming about the shape of the leaves,” the designer says.

“It was install week at this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas, and I looked up. One of my fellow designers used a Rosie Li chandelier in her space, and I was bowled over by how gorgeous and delicate it was. Designer Rosie Li’s pieces are room-makers,” Kim adds.

“I see the Gin Floor Lamp living in a room with walls painted a deep hue, like plum or a midnight blue, moody and dim next to a sumptuous piece of upholstery. Deeply organic and just a bit edgy,” says Kim.

"If Rose Cumming traded her preferred black candles for lamps, this would be the lamp!” Kim says.

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