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Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Things That Seem Fancy but Are Actually Great Bargains

Sep 15, 2023

Who knew a trash can could be so stylish?

When I hear the word “fancy,” specific images come to mind. Caviar. Fur coats. Infinity pools. Chocolate fountains and an old man peering at me through a monocle for some reason. In short, “fancy” is usually synonymous with “expensive.” But just because something seems fancy doesn’t mean you can’t get it for a steal. Here’s proof: I’ve compiled a list of 50 incredible products that seem fancy, but are affordable — and Amazon reviewers can’t stop raving about them.

Whether it’s treating yourself to a plush new bedroom set, investing in a product that gives you expensive-tasting coffee, or simply installing some fresh, stylish decor, there’s something on this list for everybody with champagne tastes and a sparkling water budget.

For a touch of functional luxury, grab yourself a pack of these velvet hangers. They’re ultra-thin, so they save space in your closet, and each hanger is strong enough to hold up to 10 pounds of weight and handle heavy items like coats. A contoured shoulder preserves the shape of your clothing, and a soft-cut notch combined with the velvet coating works together to prevent items from slipping off.

This charging station comes with seven different cables, so whether your household is Apple or Android-loyal, it has something for everyone. It’s capable of charging five devices at one time and can charge up to 80% faster than other stations. Its removable dividers are convenient and a great way to consolidate and keep your desk clean and tidy.

The double-wall insulated design of these glass mugs is not only functional but also beautiful. Made of heat and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass, they keep liquids hot and protect your hands from burning. In addition, the unique structure of the inner glass creates an interesting visual shape, and the mugs are freezer and microwave-safe.

This slim rectangular wastebasket is designed to fit into smaller spaces like bathroom cupboards, unused corners, or next to the commode. It’s crafted from stainless steel with a rust-resistant finish, so it’s easy to clean. It can also be used for storage or even as a decorative planter because, with 15 different stylish color options, it’s almost too pretty to use for trash.

They say if you have itchy feet, it means you want to travel — but you may just need a soothing treatment with this foot-peel mask. A botanical blend of fruit acids and extracts works to repair rough and cracked heels, remove calluses, and exfoliate dry skin. With almost 50,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, they come highly vetted.

Rolling down the plastic bag and tucking the cardboard box flaps does nothing to keep your cereal from going stale; it’s time to get yourself a set of these airtight food storage containers for your kitchen. With a silicone seal and lid-locking mechanism, they’re made of transparent BPA-free plastic so you can quickly identify what’s inside and when you need to stock up while they stay 100% airtight and leak-proof, keeping your food staples fresh.

The high-quality, true white light of the LEDs in this luminoodle USB light strip can improve your viewing experience when installed behind any TV or monitor. By increasing the ambient light in a room, they can prevent your eyes from straining to adjust, leading to richer colors and higher contrast. They’re USB-powered and easy to install and can be used for general mood lighting in any space.

Enjoy barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home with this pour-over coffee maker. It has a stainless steel, laser-cut paperless mesh filter — so you save money, never needing to buy paper filters again. With a base crafted from durable heat-resistant borosilicate glass and a cool-touch collar that makes it easy to handle, you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in just minutes.

Unleash your inner mixologist with this 14-piece bar set that has every tool needed for you to start your bar at home. It includes a stainless steel Boston shaker tin pair that’s dishwasher safe, a bar spoon, a velvet carrying bag, and more. With an included cocktail recipe book, it’s the perfect kit for beginners and experts alike.

This multi-functional Bluetooth speaker can do it all: act as a nightlight, a phone holder, and a wireless charging station. It has a range of up to 30 feet and can connect to phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and more. It comes with nine solid color modes, and the lights and colors can dance along with the music you play. With just four buttons, it’s simple and easy to use.

If you have gadgets and gizmos aplenty, you need this travel organizer bag to keep all your cables chargers neat and tidy. Slim and portable, it has multiple elastic straps to hold cables, a zippered pocket for containing chunkier items like charger blocks or batteries, and even three slots specifically for SD cards. It’s lightweight, durable, crafted from water-repellent nylon, and fits into any backpack or handbag.

For an instant luxe upgrade to your bedroom, look no further than this bed sheet set with over 100,000 five-star ratings. Made of comfy and breathable microfiber, these sheets are moisture-resistant and designed to regulate your temperature in all seasons. This set comes with a fitted and flat sheet and four pillowcases and is available in seven stylish colors.

This beautiful cheese board is crafted out of 100% natural bamboo, with a grooved edge design that holds crackers and nuts so they won’t slide off the tray. It even includes a clever little slide-out drawer with four pieces of cutlery, perfect for serving and slicing cheese and meats.

This breathtakingly gorgeous wine decanter is not only stunningly stylish, but it’s affordable and functional, too. Made of clear, lead-free crystal, it not only shows off the beautiful colors of your wine but also allows it to breathe, unleashing the full potential of aromas and flavor. In addition, its spout is slanted for easy pouring, minimizing unwanted drips and spills.

Cut and chop like a professional chef in the comfort of your own kitchen with this seven-piece knife set. The set is made up of a knife sharpener and a transparent acrylic knife stands that impressively displays the five non-scratch stainless steel knives. Each blade is razor sharp and has a non-stick coating, so they can slice, dice, and glide through food without sticking.

No more shaking dish soap out of a bottle, risking spills and waste; get the perfect amount of soap you need every time with this soap dispenser. It can hold up to 13 ounces of liquid, and with a width of only 3.5 inches, it doesn’t take up too much space on your counter. A nonslip base means it sits comfortably on the edge of your sink, so you can effortlessly dispense soap with just one hand.

Handcrafted from natural salt crystals, this Himalayan salt lamp appears pink at first, then emits a beautiful amber glow when lit. Set on a high-quality rosewood base, this lamp has a dimmer function, so you can always get the perfect ambiance.

If you’re looking for a modern and sophisticated way to display your assorted knick-knacks, try these intersecting floating shelves. They come with all the hardware necessary to install them and are easy to assemble and mount. Lightweight and durable, they’re an excellent option for displaying your photos and collectibles — or honestly, they’re cool enough to act as decor on their own.

Every side is the cool side of the pillow when it’s encased in this beautiful silk pillowcase. It's made of 100% mulberry silk, which makes it temperature-regulating and able to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. This luxurious fabric feels deliciously smooth and soft and it clocks in at just $20.

My couch is like the Bermuda Triangle for remote controls — they go missing in its depths, sometimes mysteriously reappearing, forever changed by the harrowing experience. Prevent the frustrations of a lost remote with this remote control holder. Durable and compact, it has five compartments, each with a soft, protective lining, and its luxurious leather finish is available in three different colors.

Life’s too short to drink mediocre coffee. So filter out the middling java, and treat yourself to the double screen of this French press coffee maker. Made from durable stainless steel, its double-walled design insulates to keep your coffee hot for longer, and the double-screen filter plunger lets the flavor through while keeping grinds out of your cup.

Set the right mood with these vintage-style incandescent light bulbs. Fully dimmable, they have a clear antique glass bulb with a smooth top and exposed squirrel filament, with each lightbulb giving off 230 lumens of warm, candle-like white light. They have a long lifespan of 3,000 hours and are perfect for any room.

Scratch-resistant stainless steel and a modern, stylish design elevate this shower caddy from unassuming to elegant. They come in a pack of two shelves, each being strong enough to hold up to 15 pounds. They’re rustproof, waterproof, and easy to install — who knew something as seemingly humble as a shower caddy could get over 20,000 five-star reviews?

The headphones of this sporty wireless headband are nestled in a band of breathable, sweat-proof cotton designed to keep sweat and hair out of your eyes. They’re compatible with any Bluetooth device and one 2-hour charge gets you up to 10 hours of playing time. Great for travel, working out, meditating, or blocking out the world so you can get a good night’s sleep, this lightweight and comfy headband delivers Hi-fi sound in pressure-free comfort.

The perfect addition to any patio, this umbrella light can be operated via a remote control up to 50 feet away. It easily installs onto your umbrella pole in seconds and illuminates 75 lumens of light, so conversations don’t have to end just because the sun has gone down. It requires three AA batteries and offers up to 75 hours of runtime.

This bristle-free grill scraper is made of stainless steel and is a nifty five-in-one BBQ cleaner. It features notches of varying sizes: six notches for round grates, five notches for V-shaped grates, and three notches for park and campground grates, so it should work on any grill. Its clever design also incorporates a bottle opener, a griddle scraper, and a Lodge iron pan scraper. It works as quickly as a wire brush, but its size makes it convenient to carry most anywhere.

This cigar-like box of smoked spices lends smoky flavor to your cuisine. With eight different spices and rubs, including delicious options such as applewood smoked salt, smoked black peppercorns, and smoked garlic, it makes an excellent and flavorful addition to your pantry or a fabulous gift for a foodie.

This whiskey stone set is a beautiful gift for the whisky lover in your life. It comes with two 10-ounce Old Fashioned glasses, eight granite whiskey stones, a storage tray, metal tongs, coasters, and recipe cards, all packaged in a chic, rustic wooden crate. The granite whiskey rocks don’t melt, so they can keep your drink cool without watering it down.

Brighten up a dark kitchen with this wireless LED light bar. Perfect for installing under cabinets for a little extra ambiance, it’s battery-powered and remote-controlled. It produces a warm, white glow that can quickly and easily light up any area, and three AA batteries give it a run time of over 100 hours.

If you’re guilty of hitting the snooze button, this digital alarm clock can set triple the alarms, so it might be precisely what you need to get you out of bed in the mornings. With built-in sensors, it can monitor the indoor temperature and humidity for you, plus it provides multiple brightness levels to suit your needs. Its beautiful wooden face is available in six different colors.

This four-piece set of Turkish hand towels is made of 100% natural cotton, making them highly absorbent, soft, and quick-drying. They come with a loop for easy hanging and are available in 43 vibrant color options. Thanks to their craftsmanship and high-quality materials, they get softer the more you use them.

The gorgeous faux fur of this area rug instantly levels up any room. It has a thick, high-density sponge interlayer that makes it soft and squishy to walk on, and the underside features hundreds of tiny, durable PVC dots that provide a strong grip and nonslip bottom. Choose from six sizes and nine colors.

No more yanking at your shower curtain in an undignified manner — each of these chrome-plated shower curtain rings have five metal roller balls engineered to eliminate friction, so your curtain can glide easily. Made of 100% stainless steel, they’ll match any bathroom decor, and they’re strong enough to support the heaviest curtains.

Bring some tropical rainforest vibes to your bathroom with this rainfall showerhead. A sophisticated air intake system increases the water pressure while making the water feel softer, giving it a luxurious feel. The chrome-plated showerhead is lightweight and easy to install and keep clean.

Take wireless control of your string lights, fairy lights, and USB devices with this male-to-female USB switch and dimmer with a handy remote control. This reviewer says it was exactly what they needed: "The remote is a plus now I don't have to lean over the bed to turn it off."

Revamp your countertops or cabinets with this stylish peel-and-stick contact paper. It has all the visual charm of natural marble without the wince-inducing price point. It attaches to any clean, flat surface with its self-adhesive backing and can be easily cut to whatever size or shape you need.

With a beautiful rustic aesthetic juxtaposing nicely against the technology it’s designed to hold, this phone-docking station makes a charming and functional addition to any bedside or hallway table. It boasts shelves and notches for holding items like reading glasses, watches, wallets, and keys, so it’s a good home base for all your essentials.

If your tablescape needs a little drama and elegance, look no further than these beautiful rustic pillar candle holders. The set includes three candle stands of varying heights, each with a sturdy base equipped with felt pads to keep it steady. They’re handmade, so no two pieces are quite alike, and they come in four classic colors.

Your bedroom will feel like a plush five-star hotel with this comforter set. This duvet is fluffy and comfy, with sturdy reinforced hems and box stitching to ensure its down alternative doesn’t clump. It comes with two pillow shams and you can choose from three sizes and three neutral colors.

The soft glow of light in these wall-hung mason jar sconces brings a whimsical charm to any wall. They’re powered by two AA batteries and can be hung anywhere, indoors or outside, infusing your decor with a rustic aesthetic. In addition, they’re straightforward to mount — simply hang them by their rope on a nail or hook.

A fresh throw pillow is a simple, practical, and affordable way to fancy up a room, so grab a pair of these plush velvet pillowcases for just $15. The rich three-dimensional embroidered pattern is woven out of a faux-wool material that’s soft on your skin and adds interesting texture to your room’s landscape. They come in seven elegant colors.

These insulated blackout curtains boast a triple-weave fabric that insulates against summer heat and the cool of winter and blocks out 90% of light and UV rays. The curtains add drama to your room and can be styled in three different ways. Choose from 26 colors.

More than simply a wall-mounted toothbrush holder, this nifty bathroom accessory is an organizational docking station for all your washroom essentials. It has an automatic toothbrush dispenser, two cups held upside down magnetically, a storage tray that can hold items such as soap, combs, lotion, razors, etc., and even a built-in cosmetic organizer and drawer.

Add sleek elegance to your kitchen with this oil dispenser set. Made from crystal-clear glass marked with convenient measurements for accuracy, these bottles are airtight, leakproof, and come with four pouring spouts for a smooth and easy flow.

These smart lightbulbs allow you to choose from millions of color options and brightness levels, and they can even dance along with the music you play. Programmable with most smart home assistants, they can be controlled via voice command or phone — even when you aren’t home.

If you want to *switch* things up and add an effortless touch of class to your home, invest in what one reviewer calls the “perfect wall plate cover.” This light switch wall plate set has an oil-rubbed bronze finish that “looks great and is very well made.” They come in a group of two and are easy to install. The happy reviewer goes on to say: “I highly recommend this item to anyone who is wanting to add a little extra charm to their home without spending a lot of money.”

Add rustic, old-school charm to your next backyard party with these solar-powered decorative lanterns. Modern technology meets nostalgic vintage style — they light up automatically after charging in the sun but have a pleasing old-world aesthetic. In addition, they have an IP44 waterproof level, are all-weather resistant, and are ready to use right out of the box.

A deceptively easy way to upgrade your kitchen table instantly is to get a pair of new salt and pepper shakers. This set is made of high-quality glass and stainless steel, with a sleek modern design that’s both stylish and elegant. They hold about half a cup of your chosen spice — so they’re large enough not to require constant refills without being too bulky. Plus, they have a removable lid and wide opening for easy cleaning and refilling.

The flat design of these stackable stainless steel measuring cups prevents spillage and mess. Both the standard US measurements and their metric equivalents are engraved on the side of each cup, so they are universally readable without having to do any pesky conversion math. They’re dishwasher safe, rust-resistant, and built to last.

Oil-rubbed bronze brings a touch of luxury to the contemporary square design of this toilet brush and holder. It’s slim and compact so it can fit into any bathroom, and the holder has stylish ventilation holes that help keep the brush dry, preventing unwanted odor.

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