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Bouquet Box Review: We Tried a DIY Flower Arranging Kit

Nov 13, 2023

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The effect flowers can have on a space has never been clearer to me than when I was helping a co-worker decorate for her wedding. In the reception area, we placed hundreds of single roses and carnations in beautiful vases and bottles of all sizes. Even just a single stem can give an elegant feel to a room. So a whole bouquet can bring that—and then some!

Ever since, I’ve made it a priority to keep fresh florals and wreaths around, especially during the warmer months. So I’m thrilled to have discovered Bouquet Box because it lets me fuse my love of flowers and crafting. In fact, I’m so smitten that I even included the product on my list of spring essentials.

At first glance, it might seem like a standard flower subscription service. But in my humble opinion, it’s a whole experience—one that brought a lot of vibrance and joy to my home.

The company’s slogan sums it up: “Designed by us. Arranged by you.” A Bouquet Box is essentially a deconstructed floral arrangement that’s to be built by the recipient. Each package contains the makings for a gorgeous, do-it-yourself display, including the exact number of flowers, a reusable vase, tools and step-by-step instructions.

Each monthly display is expertly designed to reflect the season. For example, the upcoming September bouquet boasts a healthy dose of sunflowers. And the December display is a sophisticated assortment of red roses, hypericum berries and pine.

The thoughtful curation and simplicity of Bouquet Box empower nonprofessional flower enthusiasts to feel confident in and elevate their floral arranging abilities.

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Let’s break down Bouquet Box. First and foremost, there are the diverse, fresh flowers, which arrive on your doorstep within days of being cut. The blooms are sourced from Ecuador and Colombia and grown on Rainforest Alliance certified, eco-friendly farms.

Then, there are the bonuses. The welcome box holds a reusable lucite vase and a fitted grid lid, a photo how-to card, and a tool bag with a ruler, stem stripper and pair of shears.

When perusing the site, you’ll see the option to schedule deliveries every month, every two months or every three. Or you can purchase one-off arrangement kits that have preset themes for the remainder of the calendar year.

For each given month, select from a number of delivery windows to coincide with the recipient’s schedule—no one wants blossoms wilting away in a cardboard box on their porch!

Lastly, you can choose between three sizes of bouquets—petite, classic or deluxe—to best fit your budget and the giftee’s space. The deluxe option includes a half-dozen additional flowers, whereas the petite option is a scaled-down version of the classic. Any of the three options make for a stunning Mother’s Day delivery gift.

I wanted to get the most bloom for my buck, so as soon as the Bouquet Box arrived, I dug right in. I found everything I needed to assemble the deluxe March Gingham bouquet, which shone bright with vibrant pinks, yellows and greens. The “ingredients” were: yellow, bi-colored, pink, cream and garden roses, as well as butterfly and orange ranunculus, Israeli ruscus and a ti leaf. (Psst! Do you know flower meanings?)

With the help of the printout, grid lid and supplied shears and stem stripper, I was able to transform the kit into a professional-grade bouquet in under 15 minutes.

I knew the real “test,” though, would be how well the flowers held up. So, I watched and waited—and admired. The bouquet—and the quality of its flowers—far surpassed my expectations. I would estimate that typical arrangements last me about 5-7 days. This one, however, stunned on my kitchen countertop for upwards of two weeks.

I’m not the only one bowled over by Bouquet Box. Dozens of satisfied amateur florists have taken to the brand’s website to express their love in bloom.

Kristi A., a verified buyer and 5-star reviewer, shares, “I can say that this flower subscription is worth every penny. Beautiful flowers, amazing customer service and a wonderful way to express your creativity. One of my very favorite things.”

Another happy customer, Angela G., confirms the longevity of the flowers: “A week later they still smell awesome and look beautiful!”

Bouquet Box recipient Mechele R.’s whole crew was impressed with how the arrangement came together. She comments, “My family thinks I could be a professional.”

Bouquet Box, with its required assembly, is unlike traditional delivery flowers—which earns it some ingenuity points straight away.

Although you can order a handful of tulips or sunflowers for cheaper than a Bouquet Box, in order to receive something as lush and quality from an online or local florist, you’d likely need to spend more money. Similarly, the flowers are days, if not weeks, fresher than any of those you’d purchase at a grocery store, making the price difference worthwhile.

Lastly, the experiential aspect of Bouquet Box is not to be discounted. I felt pride and joy displaying something I’d created with my own hands in my space, and I know any budding florist or impassioned crafter would feel the same. And that’s something Bouquet Box’s competitors simply can’t offer.

See more gifts for crafters. Oh, and if you’re shopping for a gardener? Consider a bulb-of-the-month club!

If you are (or know) someone who constantly has fresh flowers on display or who frequently entertains, then a Bouquet Box subscription is a no-brainer. For those who are just dabbling in floral design or have a special occasion coming up, then a one-time Bouquet Box would be a good fit for you or your best bud.

No matter which way you slice, er, trim it, the blooms are reasonably priced, long-lasting and sustainably sourced. Not to mention, they’re gorgeous, too.

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Your future flower arrangement, which starts at $79, is available for purchase on the Bouquet Box website. Be-leaf us when we say the hand-crafted bouquet is the most beautiful addition you could make to a space.

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